Who are we and how can we help your company?

Who are we? Married since 1998, we are 2 Disabled Veterans who own and operate a small online-only design company called Jolly German Web Design. We started the company over 20 years ago, but only in 2020 did we decide to narrow the focus of the company to offering online-only products and services. With extensive backgrounds in art, music, songwriting along with years of U.S. military discipline as well as varying degrees of website development experience, we both bring a respectable variety of skills to the design table.
However, like many U.S. companies dealing with the advent of a China Virus-oriented society in 2020, our offline, in-person exposure to potential business clients has become increasingly more limited.
Our solution was to embrace more modern methods of website building and newer graphic design software. We now use an exciting hybrid mix of Html, JavaScript, Wordpress and other tools to create our new websites.
Your problems and challenges are unique to your are OUR creative solutions...


We Design Web Sites, Do Web Hosting and Write Original Music

Our goal is not to become the biggest and best design firm available. There are plenty of younger, more hungry designers ready to meet that challenge. Rather since we already know how to work well together to get things done in a timely manner, we hope we can help make your experience with building, designing and launching a new website as painless and enjoyable as possible. We love applying our creative energies to unique challenges and coming up with solutions that we can all be proud of in the end. Will you join us on our new journey? Give us a call and let's see if we are a good fit for your situation. Oh, and bring a sense of helps alot.
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We offer two types of hosting: VPS and Shared Hosting.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.  Unlike shared hosting which is the most commonly used type of web hosting, a Virtual Private Server gives you a completely self-contained (virtually) environment in which to run your website. This option offers many of the performance and security benefits that are included on a dedicated server (much more expensive)  but at a fraction of the cost.

For many of our clients, Shared Hosting is the most cost effective way to start a website.

Your website hosting can always be upgraded to VPS at a later time.

Shared Hosting is great for small organizations needing dependable hosting with ample disk space to store web pages, photos, and documents. With a range from 1 GB to 1 TB of disk space, our shared hosting plans offer enough storage to manage hundreds of web pages, an online personal photo album, or your own web blog.

The features and prices below are for our Shared Hosting Packages only.

  • Email Only Package
    Email Only Package $4.95 per month

    As the name implies, the Email Only Package will give you the basics of an Internet presence without the features of a website. 5 different mailboxes with up to 50 email forwards. A great start for email marketing.

  • UltraLite Package
    UltraLite Package $7.95 per month

    Our UltraLite Hosting Package is the perfect choice for a small business or enterprise. It contains many of the features a big e-commerce websites have, but on a smaller scale. With the included WordPress and a shopping cart system, site statistics, virus protection and much more, this package allows you to "start small and think big" without paying a huge amount of money just to get started with your presence on the Web. As your business grows, it is easy to upgrade to the next level package - The Professional Package - whenever you are ready.

  • Professional Package
    Professional Package $19.95 per month

    Our BEST SHARED HOSTING PACKAGE. The Professional Hosting Package will give you everything you need to command a large Internet presence. The primary differences between our UltraLite and Professional package are DISK SPACE and BANDWIDTH - two KEY FEATURES that will become increasingly more important as your business enterprise continues to grow. With a greater amount of storage space for your website content, as well as the power to handle larger amounts of visitor traffic, you can build a larger and more flexible website design for your operation. This package can usually meet the needs of most medium and large size companies. The only package we offer that can provide more options is the VPS V1 Package (Private Server) listed below.

  • VPS V1 Package Starting at $49.95 per month

    Please call or email for details.


We use web hosting for all our websites and those we design for our clients. We do not charge our customers any more than what charges for each package. We make our money on our Design, Maintenance and Marketing Fees, so we consider the hosting to be a value-added service on our part. Each hosting account comes with it's own control panel for direct billing through We do, however, act as a liaison as needed, for any support issues our clients may experience. We've rarely had a problem with in our 20+ years with them. When we've had any technical issues, has always worked through the problems with us quickly and professionally. We highly recommend them.
Gary Pfalzbot, The Jolly German
CEO, Webmaster, Jolly German Web Design Services