Who are we and how can we help your company?

Who are we? Married since 1998, we are 2 Disabled Veterans who own and operate a small online-only design company called Jolly German Web Design. We started the company over 20 years ago, but only in 2020 did we decide to narrow the focus of the company to offering online-only products and services. With extensive backgrounds in art, music, songwriting along with years of U.S. military discipline as well as varying degrees of website development experience, we both bring a respectable variety of skills to the design table.
However, like many U.S. companies dealing with the advent of a China Virus-oriented society in 2020, our offline, in-person exposure to potential business clients has become increasingly more limited.
Our solution was to embrace more modern methods of website building and newer graphic design software. We now use an exciting hybrid mix of Html, JavaScript, Wordpress and other tools to create our new websites.
Your problems and challenges are unique to your are OUR creative solutions...


We Design Web Sites, Do Web Hosting and Write Original Music

Our goal is not to become the biggest and best design firm available. There are plenty of younger, more hungry designers ready to meet that challenge. Rather since we already know how to work well together to get things done in a timely manner, we hope we can help make your experience with building, designing and launching a new website as painless and enjoyable as possible. We love applying our creative energies to unique challenges and coming up with solutions that we can all be proud of in the end. Will you join us on our new journey? Give us a call and let's see if we are a good fit for your situation. Oh, and bring a sense of helps alot.
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Branding is the approach you take to marketing your company identity, goods or services in a way that will make them not only memorable, but easily identifiable by customers in a heavily competitive environment.

At Jolly German Web Services, we incorporate basic elements of Branding into your website design.  If you need a lot of help in this area, we can develop a separate plan (for an additional cost) designed to identify and address your specific challenges within your business niche. Do you want to excel in the travel industry or is your niche related to pet products?  Maybe you love designing baby clothing..what is special about your designs?

Try to narrow your focus to things that you love to make or provide as a service and then find out what makes your product or service different within that industry – that is your Niche.  We can help you identify it and develop a plan to exploit your strengths within your niche to help your business grow.

The Brand Strategy for your company, service or product can be implemented via the use of LOGOs, Slogans, Color Themes, Advertising Campaigns, Print and Digital Ads, Video presentations and more.  Most often, a robust combination of several of those resources would be recommended to help set your company apart from your competition.

For example, a campaign may be created to promote an exciting  vacation spot.  Brand-based marketing (advertising) is employed that highlights not only the physical beauty of the location, but also how you want the customer to feel emotionally before, during and after their experience at that location. 

The mission goal for that vacation package may be for customers to feel that during their stay, they are the most important patron at their hotel, despite any differences in their normal lifestyle “back home”. 

While they are there, even the smallest luxuries can contribute to their overall perception that their choice to buy YOUR vacation package has made theirs an unforgettable experience complete with impeccable service and that they would heartily recommend it to others in the future. 

They may not remember all the small details, but they will always remember how the whole experience made them feel.  That positive impression is the goal of branding in any industry – to promote a consistently great or even unique experience while using a good or service.

A more direct example might be a simple household product such as  the historically useful and reliable Kitchen-Aid Mixer that through Rebranding becomes known as a thoroughly modern appliance. 

While relying on its past Brand Recognition, perhaps an updated marketing campaign would include 2 new metallic finishes and 3 “modern colors” or the fact that the mixer now comes with 2 new accessories.  This rebranding plan emphasizes the idea that the customer can now make things in their home kitchen previously only available via restaurant dining made by professional chefs. 

These changes can bring perceived extra value to the customer if 1) they love to cook and/or 2) they don’t like to eat out at restaurants in general.  Improvements in marketing success are almost always related in part, to an intentional change in Brand Strategy toward a company, good or service.

Here are our answers to some of our most frequently asked Branding-related questions…

A strategy is a plan for reaching a goal. If you are to make a BRAND memorable – whether it is a service or a product doesn’t matter – you must decide how you intend to get your message across that your product or service is the following:
  1. Appealing to your target market.
  2. Worth the time and investment for your company to make, advertise and “grow” it (if applicable).
  3. Worth the value to the customer that you have assigned to it via your strategy.
  4. Sustainable in an evermore crowded sea of similar things and brands,  making recognition more difficult.
  5. Of a better quality than your competitor’s products or services in a throwaway society mindset.

You need the will to develop a plan to market your product or service according to a well-thought out mission statement.

You need someone to help you define what your mission statement for the BRAND is.

You need to stick with your strategy as long as it takes to make your BRAND trusted in quality, memorable in customer experience/service and visually recognizable in print, signage or digital media.

A BRAND’s success may take varying amounts of time to measure and quantify.

One obvious measure is an increase in sales of goods services.

Another is in name, logo or style recognition.  Examples of this are the yellow McDonald’s Arch, the Logo Mark graphic for Nike Brand clothing, the comfort and quality associated with Lazyboy Recliners. 

There are hundreds of self-help books or videos which are designed to help one understand høw to develop a Brand Strategy. (FREE or $)

You can attend online classes or webinars.  (FREE or $)

You can work with a Web Services Company like Jolly German Web Design Services to develop an overall Brand Strategy to market your goods or services.*

(*This requires a Consultation Fee of $45 an hour (non-refundable, one-hour minimum).

No matter how you acquire your Branding knowledge, the way you present your  Company Identity via your Website Design and advertising campaigns will help to determine the level of your brand’s acceptance.  Ultimately it will affect your customer’s perception of a successful (or not) good or service and whether your company is worthy of their trust, money and future business.

As long as we feel a company, product or service meets our moral, ethical and quality standards, (and we retain the right to refuse to do business with anyone whose company, product or service does not meet our standards on those  grounds), we will be happy to take a look at your situation for our to see what we can do to help improve your success rate or solve a specific issue which may be impeding your progress in growing  your  Brand.

(This requires a Consultation Fee of $45 an hour (non-refundable, one-hour minimum).

Sometimes a company’s needs change due to unforseen circumstances caused by unplanned life events.  Sales can decline due to distractions by a family death, a natural disaster, etc.

Sometimes, a company comes up with a new idea or vision for the direction of the company and needs a brand new identity to promote or include that new vision.

Sometimes, the CEO (this may be you) just gets bored and wants a newer, more modern approach to marketing his/her established business and that’s okay too.

Here at the Jolly German Web Design Services, we are willing to listen to your story and to then discuss with you the options we feel we could offer to help you the most with the future of your company through REBRANDING.

(This requires a Consultation Fee of $45 an hour (non-refundable, one-hour minimum).