“Jolly German” is the nickname given to Robert Gary Pfalzbot over 40 years ago. While 100% USA born and raised, Gary has always been proud of his German ancestry.  A natural entertainer who liked to make people laugh and always quick with a joke, the moniker “Jolly German” seemed a natural fit. 

Gary and Pamela have a rather unique story when it comes to how they got started with websites.  Back in early 1996, when the Internet was still in it’s infancy, the two veterans met in an AOL German-themed Chat Room.

Both had served in Germany with the U.S. military on separate assignments and living separate lives, but had many similar interests.  Ironically, they knew nothing of each other and wouldn’t actually meet until about 10 years later.

By the time they met in the “German” Chat Room, they had a lot to talk about.  Eventually, they met each other in person and married about 2 years later.

Meanwhile, they had were dismayed to discover that their Earthbermed home and surrounding property were quickly being overtaken by a relentlessly invasive plant called Kudzu. They soon learned more than they ever wanted to know about Kudzu and in the process tried burning, cutting and spraying it the stubborn plant to no avail.  It was obvious to the couple that Kudzu would soon claim the roof of their house as its next victim if they could not stop it soon.

Gary finally suggested trying to use goats to eat it as was actually a healthy legume for goats. One weekend, not long after that, they fit 6 very confused goats and 1 happy go lucky guard dog into Pamela’s trusty Mercedes Station Wagon and headed home. 

This life-changing decision was the beginning of a totally unexpected new chapter in their lives.


By the year 2000, Dot Com Domain Names had become more accessible to the average “Netizen, ” but were still a prized commodity. Pamela gave Gary a domain name for his Valentine’s Day gift and his life has never been the same since then. 

When she gave him the gift of GoatWorld.com, the Jolly German was surprised and excited. He had been teaching himself to code websites and although difficult and often tedious work, Gary seemed to thrive on the challenge. 

At first, she had thought merely that he could build a site where they and their online friends could share information to help them all learn more about goat care. 

One of the most often features of GoatWorld.com was and still is GoatWorld.com’s Goat911 service.  Staffed with volunteers from across the U.S. and Canada, Goat911.com has been still credited by many grateful goat owners for helping to save their animal’s lives via email and telephone calls in times of need. 

Gary originally created the service after he needed a vet more than once to help his own goats, but none was available who actually knew what to do.  As a result, several of his goats died despite his best efforts to save them. 

He started researching everything he could regarding goat care and turning as much as possible to his more experienced goat friends for help in critical situations.  Armed with that information and experience, he created a huge network of people willing to help other goat owners and breeders save and properly care for their sick animals.

Beginning as a primarily Education and service-oriented project, GoatWorld.com ultimately became a unique business opportunity that is now world reknown in the Goat Industry. 

This is a shining example of how one man’s huge impact on a now once tiny industry has become part of his legacy. 

His tiny spark of an idea has influenced hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life to share a common interest over twenty years later.

What visions do you want to make a reality?

Eventually, the couple moved to Colorado, where they bought a small farm south of Denver, which they currently share their with their  much smaller herd of goats, a horse, birds and numerous other animals, to ncluding the gradual addition of their No-Drama Llama herd.

As a result of his success had enjoyed over the years building websites for himself and his passions such as music and broadcast radio, Gary found himself repeatedly being asked to create sites for friends and business acquaintances.  But he knew how time and labor-intensive that path could be if he continued to build websites the way he was used to. So for the longest time, he declined.


Even so he kept thinking maybe it would be smarter to try to keep up with the times.  Ways of building. marketing and conducting business were all changing around him.  

Then, as if to drive home the point, in January of 2020, COVID-19 reared its ugly head.  Restrictions on which businesses could be open began to strongly affect the Jolly German’s local economy. Gary was a part of.  Performing live music was no longer a reasonable option, yet he was not yet ready to retire.   Being a webmaster working from home seemed the perfect substitute for his previous lifestyle, but he was beginning to feel less and less jolly. 

He finally decided that, yes, he would build websites, but needed to do it smarter and faster than he had before.  He would need help with Graphic Design and Marketing, but couldn’t afford to hire a team of experienced designers and marketing consultants to help him grow.  As least, not yet. His wife,

Pamela had been university-trained in Graphic Design,  but alot had changed in that field too.  Would she be able to help him with his new Web Services business? Only time will tell.  Since January of 2020, Gary and Pamela Pfalzbot have been pooling their skills and resources to learn how to embrace the new technology that has been so instrumental in changing the way websites are built today.


As Jolly German Web Design Services Team, Gary and Pamela Pfalzbot feel they can effectively identify issues clients may not even realize they have. They see their biggest value to clients of all types as problem solvers.  Creative thinking is one of their key resources and they would like the opportunity to help you solve your problems in a creative and satisfying way.

Gary brings a wide array of technical and time management expertise to the table, while Pamela contributes her problem solving, marketing and  Graphic Design skills to the team. 

Both continue to learn as much as they can about their new commitment and are excited about the creative possibilities they will be able to explore along the way.

Are you willing to join them?  Give it a go and see what happens.

Oh and keep your sense of humor handy… you will be dealing with the Jolly German, after all!



He offers this brief advice…

“Don’t take yourself or anyone else TOO seriously..

Keep your eye on your dreams and your feet firmly rooted in reality.

Hold close what is dear to you and let the rest find it’s way.

Do the best you can at whatever you do. Be kind, be honest and stay creative. That’s about it.

And oh, yes..

Be Happy. Don’t worry so much..

Things may seem bad now and again – but the ‘Ying/Yang effect’ has to kick in at some point – hopefully sooner, rather than later, LOL.

So keep the faith and go for it.. At least try whatever it is you want to do.

It seems to works for me.

That’s why I am still The Jolly German after all these years.”

–  Gary Pfalzbot, Webmaster, Musician, Songwriter, Goatkeeper, German and Mohawk Indian Descendent, American


“I have to…I live with the Jolly German and my parrot, Yorvi.  They both lift my spirits daily. 

I’ve always had a burning desire for more knowledge and creative exploration… perseverance,  a good work ethic and an ever-present zest for life is my fuel for getting there.  A good sense of humor helps me cope with times like these..
Her brief advice:
Never be afraid to fail..but be even less afraid to get back up and apply the lessons you learned from your failures to ultimately create your successes. 
There is still so much good to be discovered in our world and beyond. I have already seen much of it in my lifetime.
Favorite quote:  ‘You are a Child of the Universe.  You have a right to be here.’
– From the Desiderata
We must never stop appreciating the freedoms that allow us to learn more about ourselves and our precious universe.”
– Pamela Pfalzbot , Captain, U.S. Army, Retired, Graphic Designer, Artist, Writer, Philosopher, Greek and Cherokee Indian Descendent, American